>Drunk annoying girls act stupid in a UK McDonald’s #LOL

>We were sent this video by a tipster and though I know nothing of these girls or their lives, I kind of hate them. In this video, three (maybe four?) drunk British girls act like complete idiots in a (surprisingly extravagant) McDonald’s. The word “slags” comes to mind.
If homosexuality were a choice, this video might be the first video the guys trying to convince you to go gay would show you. In my humble yet discerning opinion, the girls are absolutely hittable and all that. But if I had to hang out with them and listen to their drunken prattle, I’d probably discretely hang myself in the bathroom before that opportunity even arose. There are only so many times you can insincerely say, “Oh my God, you just hopped on a table with your ass in the air while singing a twenty-year-old song, then sloppily took a sip out of a soda! That is uproarious!” while hoping the french fries are salted with boric acid.

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