>T.I. & MTV Sued For Exploiting Dead Body


Unfortunately for Atlanta rapper T.I., incarceration doesnt prevent lawsuits. During an episode of T.I.s early 2009 MTV series Road to Redemption, a dead body was exposed in a casket causing a lawsuit pinned against T.I. along with MTV and Atlantas Haugabrooks Funeral Home by the family of the deceased man.

The show documented T.I.s attempts to set at-risk youths on the straight-and-narrow. The scene shot in Haugabrooks was meant to scare T.I.s mentee straight:

In the first episode, entitled You Are Responsible For Your Own Actions, Harris shows a young man a corpse at Haugabrooks. A mortician says the man was a hustler and says the mans parents dont know how he really died. The face of the dead man is out of focus in the video that was available online at MTVs website Friday.

The family of the deceased man, Joseph Williams, claims that the video was made for financial gain and publicity, and is seeking unspecified damages due to pain and suffering. Meanwhile, T.I. continues to serve the remaining time of an additional 13-month sentence he received for violating his probation last September.

T.I. & MTV Sued For Exploiting Dead Body | KarenCivil.com

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